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Company Lindh & Weingartner is a dance company based in Basel, Switzerland. It was founded 2019 by Swedish dancer and choreographer Benjamin Lindh Medin and Swiss dancer and choreographer Rebecca Weingartner. Involving their backgrounds in contemporary dance, hip-hop, music and physical theatre, they develop a playful, performative movement language. With their work, the company reflects upon current sociopolitical topics and transforms them into a highly accessible performances for you young audience.EQUALITY! was created in 2020 in cooperation with RESO dance networks Switzerland, Choreographic Laboratory for Young Audience, in co- production with Roxy Birsfelden. Alongside ROXY Birsfelden, EQUALITY! has so far been showcased at Tanzhaus Zürich, Beweggrund Festival Bern, Young Dance Zug Festival, TPR La Chaux-de-Fonds, ADN Neuchâtel, Theater Winterthur, PURPLE Festival Berlin, Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Krokus Festival Hasselt, Tanz Heilbronn! Festival, Tojo Theater Bern, Castrum Festival Yverdon-les-Bains, SALTO! Sweden. In collaboration with Pro Helvetia New Dehli and Joshua Sailo, Rebecca and Benjamin have been on a extensive tour to Northeast India in October 2024, performing EQUALITY! and hosting workshops around the topic of gender equality. EQUALITY! is currently on tour.

In Rebecca Weingartner's latest piece SOLIDARITY!, two dancers and a musician come together. Their biographies are as complex as they are different, but all three have experienced the feeling of not belonging. On stage, they challenge each other to be courageous and overcome their own boundaries. The musician dances and the dancers make music and sing. For this to succeed, they need active support - from each other, but also from the audience. Together they form a choir of moving bodies, a sounding, crashing, singing ensemble that rebels and makes itself heard for hidden stories. In this way, SOLIDARITY! attempts to create a temporary community in the theater space in which all people - despite their differences - feel that they belong. With the intention of reinterpreting the iconographic slogan of the French Revolution "Liberty, Equality, Solidarity(*) for a young audience and applying it to the issues of the present times, the company plans to follow up EQUALITY! and SOLIDARTIY! in spring 2025 with GUGUS! (WT), an unconventional interpretation of the concept of freedom, will conclude the trilogy

*Solidarity as the gender-neutral term for the french term of brotherhoood "fraternité"

​Company Lindh & Weingartner's work is state subsidized by the cultural committee of Canton Basel and Baselland, Switzerland.

Benjamin Lindh Medin

Benjamin Lindh Medin, grew up in Stockholm, Sweden in a family with dance, theater and music and gained his first experiences very young as a performer. As a child he learned hip-hop, and joined The Royal Swedish Ballet School by 10. In his teens, Benjamin went back to learning Hip-hop and Break dance. He was part of various dance crews as well as studied at The City Theater High School of Performing arts. In 2013 he completed his BA in Contemporary Dance and Education at the Norwegian College of Dance in Oslo. He then worked in various projects as a dancer and teacher in Norway and Sweden.


Since 2018 Benjamin lives and works in Basel and has since then done various works within dance and performance. Some include: A tunisian swiss collaboration at "Festivale Internationale Hammamet 2018" in Tunisia by Filippo Armati & Bahri Ben Yahmed, “Decadent Surfers” - ADN Dialect 2018, Aggregate - Alexandra Pirici, H2NY - Tabea Martin & Michael Landy, Kippunkt & Gliisch, Anders - Cie. Beweggrund, "Il Barberia di Siviglia" - Kirill Serebrennikov and Mission Spion - Momentum Dance company


Currently, Benjamin is touring with
Lindh & Weingartner's EQUALITY! as well as FOREVER by Tabea Martin.

Rebecca Weingartner

Rebecca Weingartner was born in Seoul, Southkorea and grew up in Basel, Switzerland. She studied contemporary dance at Tanztheaterschule Zürich and the ARTez, dance academy Arnhem in the Netherlands as well as physical theater and AHK, academy of arts in Amsterdam. She's associated artist at Roxy Birsfelden in Switzerland.


Rebecca Weingartner studied contemporary dance at the Tanztheaterschule Zürich and at the ArtEZ, University of the Arts Arnhem in the Netherlands, as well as physical theater at the AHK, University of the Arts Amsterdam. The awareness of structural disadvantages in the context of her previous works as well as Rebecca Weingartner's own experiences as a woman*, person of color affected by classism form the core and important impetus of her current artistic exploration. In 2021, she was awarded the Culture Prize for Dance of the Canton of Baselland. After EQUALITY!, the successful dance piece on gender equality, which she developed together with Benjamin Lindh Medin, Rebecca Weingartner continues her work with SOLIDARITY! for a young audience. With the intention of reinterpreting the iconographic slogan of the French Revolution "Liberty, Equality, Solidarity[1]" for a young audience and applying it to the problems of the present, the company plans to follow up EQUALITY! and SOLIDARITY! in spring 2025 with GUGUS! (AT), an unconventional interpretation of the concept of freedom, will conclude the trilogy.


[1] "Solidarity" as a gender-neutral synonym for "fraternity"

Equality! ©Andreas Hagenbach
Equality! ©Andreas Hagenbach
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